LIMPIAR is the first game I've ever finished to completion. It was solely developed by myself. It is a precision platformer with 5 levels.


This game is rated at a 4/10 due to my limited knowledge of programming at the time. I still believe it is an enjoyable game. 

BULLETS IN HELL is the second game I've ever completed. I created this game in order to practice my programming abilites. Artwork created by myself and a friend.


This game is rated at a 3/10 due to how short it is and its lack of replayability. It's not that good but was great practice for programming and art making.

JANITOR-LIKE is the third game I've made. It was my Senior Project and was my second attempt at a game for this project. It really tested my game development abilities.


This game is rated at a 7/10. I am actually very proud of it. I worked really hard on the game and all of it's aspects and I believe all my practice up to this point paid off.

images are embedded with links to the games

*ratings are based on personal opinions